Daniela Andrea
What does means 타다 in this case? The phrase is 좌악 미끄럼을 탔다. That means that I slipped or that I go through the slippery floor? If someone can help me i will be thankful :)
Jun 23, 2019 12:45 AM
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'미끄럼을 타다' originally means sliding down a slide (in children's parks) or similarly doing the sliding action for fun, but it is sometimes used for slipping and falling, especially if it's a spectacular one sliding several feet. This usage with slipping is often casual and humorous. More seriously, slipping and falling is referred to as 미끄러지다. - 영철아, 너도 저기 영희처럼 미끄럼 타고 놀아. (usage in the original meaning) - 학생들을 왁스를 칠해 반들반들해진 마루 바닥에서 미끄럼을 타며 뛰어다녔다. (doing it for fun) - 여기 오다가 길 위(의) 얼음에 미끄러졌어 / 미끄러져 넘어졌어. - 여기 오다가 길의 얼음에 (좌악, 한바탕) 미끄럼을 탔어. (humorous. 좌악 or 한바탕 describes the force of sliding).
June 23, 2019
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