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Synonyms for '멋지다' I'm looking for (non-offensive) words to describe two close female friends of mine (Koreans). Both are 멋진 to me, but they are quite different, so I feel there must be better/more precise terms. One of them is a really fashionable and pretty-looking 언니; but also in personality, she's "stylish", outgoing and elegant. Kind of chic? The other one I can best describe as a "strong 언니", who's really confident and reliable, so I almost want to call her a cool 형.
Jun 28, 2019 11:46 PM
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Two of your friends are fit for the word, 멋진 , according to your describing.:) As for first 언니, i think the followings like 세련된, 옷(을) 잘 입는 ,예쁜 is fits for, too. So how about putting them together in the sentence when you descirbe her? for example, 그 언니는 진짜 세련된 언니예요. 예쁘고 옷도 잘 입어요. or, 그 언니는 진짜 멋진 언니예요. 예쁘고, 옷도 잘 입고, 성격도 좋아요. Also, you can say "스타일리시해요", using the word, stylish, in especially speaking. this word, 스타일리시하다, which is not a standard word, but we say a lot like this, using the english word as it is.(loan language) for example, 그 언니는 스타일리시해요.(=옷을 잘 입어요.) I hope it helps :)
June 29, 2019
sorry! i will write again below.
June 29, 2019
First one is 맵시(있는) 언니 Second one is 당찬 언니
June 29, 2019
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