synonyms of "pass" Hi everyone! example: You’re on my way. You block the access accidentally because you’re having a chat with your friend but I'm in a rush and can't wait so I need to pass. Can I use these expressions? --- Could I go through, please? Could I pass, please? Can I get through, please? Can I pass through, please? --- example 2: I’m driving a car and I’m behind you, you’re going too slowly, I want to speed up and overtake your vehicle. I ask my Dad, who is by my side: Shall I ovetake it/them? Shall I go through? Shall I pass it/them? Shall I get through? Shall I pass through?
Jun 29, 2019 1:57 PM
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Hi Simone! In the first example, using "could" sounds like a question regarding your physical ability to pass through. Although "can" can also give off a similar connotation, it is more widely used and therefore sounds more natural. "Can I pass through, please?" definitely sounds better of the two, though the other sentence is fine as well. In the second example, the use of "shall" seems a bit formal to me. If you were talking to your dad, you would probably say something like "Should I go around him?" or "Should I overtake him?". "Go through" and "pass through" are not applicable in this second example because it implies that you're going to run through the other car (and cause a car crash in the process). Hope this helps. ~Andrew
June 29, 2019
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