What does 걸 먹고 자라 mean?
Jun 29, 2019 8:30 PM
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First, 걸 is same with 것을(it indicates the object). and 먹고 자라 can be translated in Enlgish like 'Go to bed after eating something' You know it's not that good for health to eat something before going to bed. So i think it's not common case. But if i have to make sentences, they will be like this ; 1) 지금은 늦었으니까, 요리해야 되는 것 말고, 간단한 것을 먹고 자라. Eat simple one, not cook one and go to bed because it's late. 2) 자다가 열이 날 수도 있으니까 해열제 같은 것을 먹고 자라. Take something like fever reducer and go to bed, because you can have a fever while you are sleeping. i hope it helps :)
June 30, 2019
It's very ambiguous phrase. What is the full sentence?
June 30, 2019
I think something is missing. 걸 is short form of 것을 in Korean which means 'something' or 'anything', and it is an 'obsect' of the sentence. So, I guess the sentence may be like this. 식탁 위에 있는 걸 먹고 자라. Here, 먹고 자라 is imperative and means 'eat and go to bed.' 식탁 위에 있는 걸 먹고 자라 is translated in English : Eat something on the table and go to bed.
June 30, 2019
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