Jordi Jorge
You will read in a book that (correct?) I was reading a story called "The Journey to Hanford" in a book titled "Great American Stories 1". In that story, I found the expression "You will read in a book that..." about three times. But to me, a non-native English speaker (an English learner), I find confusing the use of that expression and was wondering if its use is correct. Here is the context: Example 1: "I won't have him singing all day," my grandfather roared. "Some things simply have to stop, in the end. You will read in a book that a father loves a foolish son more than his wise sons. Believe me, that writer is not married, and also he has no sons." Example 2: "Away with him and his zither both," my grandfather said. "You will read in a book that a man can sit all day under a tree and play music on a zither and sing. Believe me, that writer is a fool. Money, that's the thing. Let him go and The Journey to Hanford work under the sun for a while. In the watermelons. Him and his zither both." Example 3: "Foolish words!" my grandfather said. "You will read in a book that a man who sings is truly a happy man. But that writer is a dreamer, not a businessman in a thousand years. Let him go. It is twenty-seven miles to Hanford. That is a very good distance." If so, is it really expressing future? What kind of future? Because I would expect something like "You may/might read in a book that" instead. So I would expect something expressing possibility.
Jun 30, 2019 8:11 PM
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I have never heard that expression before either. Maybe it's old fashioned (are the stories old?) I don't think it's really expressing the future. I think it means something like "it is said that..." or "people say that..."
July 1, 2019
Native English speaker answering this question. Yes, it is correct, but the construction is somewhat rare and seems to be part of some unique conversation between the two characters. Similar: You will hear it said that one should not eat with his mouth open. A pastor may say (in regards to the Bible): You will read in the Book of John what Jesus said about forgiveness.
June 30, 2019
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