Use of the ل as a suffice in egyptian arabic Hello. I have two sentences written below. They key difference being the ل/ى in the word روح 1) ممكن الواحد يسافر يروح أصوان 2) ممكن الواحد يسافر لروح أصوان Are both correct or no? Would it be correct to translate them as the following: 1) One can travel to go to Aswan. 2) One can travel for going to Aswan. From my current understanding, a suffix of ل often indicates "for". ب often indicates "in"/"with". Please clarify. Thanks
Jul 1, 2019 10:46 PM
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ممكن الواحد يسافر يروح اسوان(يسافر يروح اسوان=traveling go aswan ممكن الواحد يسافر لأسوان(يسافر لأسوان=travel to Aswan generally we cant compare Arabic /English its different specially you study dialect (Egyptian) it already a little different from modern standard or (Fusha=فصحي ) you can say too in first sentence ممكن الواحد يروح اسوان with out mention يسافرbecause Aswan is already name of city you sure will travel (not walk to /not close enough)the meaning is very clear
July 3, 2019
المصريين بيقولوا الواحد ممكن يسافر أسوان الواحد ممكن يسافر لأسوان وكلمة يروح ممكن تستخدم بدل يسافر فى الجملة الأولى فقط الواحد ممكن يروح اسوان
December 3, 2019
ممكن الواحد رايح يسافر اسون؟ انا حاسس ان المصريين بيقولوا كده :)
July 2, 2019
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