When do you say this? What are you having on that?
Jul 1, 2019 10:57 PM
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it is the English equivalent of something like this. Balık ekmeğisinde ne sosu istiyorsunuz? Balık ekmeğisine ne sosu istiyorsun? although Turkish doesn't say it like my beginner text book example colloquially. it is someone offering or serving food asking what the other person or customer wants would like on/in their sandwich or ice-cream etc.
July 2, 2019
Hola Pelin. Para este tipo de pregunta, es importante tener un contexto, es decir, en cuál situación usarla. Por ejemplo: Si un amigo tiene un maletín, y tú tienes curiosidad de saber que lleva dentro del maletín, le preguntarías ¿qué tienes en eso?. Espero haber contribuido en tu aprendizaje. Alexandra.
July 1, 2019
Hi Pelin, It's slightly difficult to give you an answer of complete certainty, given the lack of context. But from what I can tell, it refers to a situation involving food, notably one that goes with an accompaniment/topping. For example, If you just bough a hotdog, your friend can ask you 'What are you having on that?' (i.e. what toppings will you add it. Ketchup? Onions?) Similarly, if you just cooked some plain rice, your sister might ask: 'What are you having on that'? Perhaps some curry sauce, or some vegetables? Hope this helps! Matt
July 1, 2019
Not sure. Perhaps you might hear it if you are ordering something in a sandwich shop or a breakfast placea Customer: "I'd like a ham on rye." Clerk: What are you having on that? (Although I would say, "What do you want on that?) Customer: mustard, mayo, lettuce, tomato. Also If you are ordering a roll, a bagel or an English muffin.
July 1, 2019
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