the marketing ploy was clear Does "the marketing ploy was clear" mean 1. the marketing policies of Absolut Vodka in regard to Warhol's relationship with other famous people were clear or 2. the marketing consequences of Warhol's relationship with other famous people was clear? Context: As Richard Lewis recalls, Absolut Vodka had become a fashionable brand that, through association with Warhol, was able to extend its reach and attract ‘society people’. These included ‘artists, Hollywood, the rich, the famous’, who would be led to Absolut by Warhol as a sort of prophet. That Warhol was already mixing with the rich and famous at Studio 54 was, no doubt, critical here and the marketing ploy was clear.The brand image was to rise from that of a fashionable product to that of a product with celebrity status and Warhol’s art was obviously seen as part of the celebrity culture that could be tapped in order to achieve this goal.
Jul 3, 2019 7:29 AM
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'the marketing ploy was clear' = 'the marketing strategy of Absolut Vodka was obvious or plain" ie. Absolut Vodka's strategy was to get consumers to associate Absolut Vodka with Warhol, so that the success of Warhol would carry on to their product. This 'marketing ploy' or 'marketing strategy' was clear/obvious.
July 3, 2019
I agree with Greg's defiition of "marketing ploy" Could I ask you to explain your questions to me? They are confusing and I'm unsure what you are asking. I'm specifically confused by "marketing policies" and "marketing consequences"?
July 3, 2019
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