The key to learning a language is communication. Is this sentence correct? I would like to know if the sentence "The key to learning a language is communication" is correct. How is it different to "the key to learning a language is through communication"? Am I expressing something different or is this just about the emphasis? Also, would you please give me alternatives to say the same? Thank you very much.
Jul 3, 2019 2:51 PM
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"The key to learning a language is communication" Correct. Key = communication. Noun = noun. Makes sense. "The key to learning a language is through communication" This doesn't sound grammatically correct to me BUT, I can imagine people saying this anyway, to mean the same thing. Something I might say (speech being more lazy and less thought-out) but not write. I think "through communication" needs to describe an activity, such as: "Learning a language works best through communication" "Learning a language is best achieved through communication" "Language learning is best done through communication" "Language proficiency is best achieved through communication" "Language fluency is achieved through communication" In each case, "learning, "doing" (done) or "achieving" (achieved) are all activities, and hence they can be done through communication. You can't really "do" or "achieve" a key... so this doesn't sound quite right.
July 3, 2019
To me they both sound right to me. If I REALLY think about it, the first one sounds like you are saying "When learning a new language, the objective/emphasis should be on being able to talk to someone else" and the second one is more like "Use communication to learn effectively" but really, they're so similar that I think you could kind of use them interchangeably. At least to me. Some alternatives could be "Communication is key to learning a new language" "Communication is the best way to learn a language." "When learning a new language, communication is key." Hope that helps!
July 3, 2019
I feel like your first sentence is correct, maybe because only “communication” can be a key? It’s better to have a noun as the key
July 3, 2019
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