In Korean how would one explain which Hanja they were talking about? In Chinese one may say something like 飞机的飞 meaning like "the character flying from the word airplane". Would we say something like 비행기의 비?
Jul 3, 2019 4:09 PM
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Yes, you can say 비행기의 비, but in practice there are a few different ways. 1. 날 비 ("to fly" 비). This is the traditional and more formal way to refer to hanja characters with their meaning. The fist part explains the meaning (usually) in native Korean (>날 is the future/indefinite form of 날다 = to fly), and the second part shows the pronunciation. Other examples: 하늘 천 ("sky" 천(天)), 갈 거("to go" 거(去)), etc. 2. 비행기(의) 비, or '비행기'라고 할 때(의) 비 (비 as when you say 비행기) This just tells what one means by giving an example. In everyday situation, this is probably more common. e.g. A: 이름이 영철이야? 한자로 무슨 영이야? B: 응, '영웅' 할 때 '영' 자야 [or 응, 영웅 '영' 자].
July 4, 2019
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