Dang Yeon Sim
What does this sentence mean in Korean? "나는 내 근처에 있어요 너가 내가 언제 이고 싶은 만한 맥은 있는데" I asked i want to be along side with you / to be near by you and then she answered: "나는 내 근처에 있어요 너가 내가 언제 이고 싶은 만한 맥은 있는데". I'm not sure if it's 내 or 네 근처에 있어요 just by hearing since i have chatted with her last night on Youtube. She uploaded the full video of our chat and the caption written : 나는 내 근처에 있어요 but it mean "I'm near by me" which mean nonsense and the caption typed wrong many times before in the video.
Jul 4, 2019 6:10 AM
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Your hearing is not good. :) She is playing upon words. She said, "나는 내 근처에 있어요.너가 내 근처에 있고 싶은 거야? 나는 내 근처에 있는데.." I am near me. Are you want to be near me? I'm already near me...
July 4, 2019
I chatted with her last night and she read my message that i sent to her at 1:39:53 in this video on Youtube. Then she answered me something at 1:40:04 that i can't hear it clear. This is link of the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LxViniPYCvc
July 4, 2019
I recommend you to stop chatting with her. :) Her Korean is incomplete and nonunderstandable.
July 4, 2019
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