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What does the title mean ? "That Was the Molecular Biology That Was" The context is as follows: by 1968 the journal Science could run an article titled “That Was the Molecular Biology That Was,” suggesting—it hardly seems possible, but it is so—that the work of genetics was nearly at an end. Thank you very much.
Jul 5, 2019 1:03 AM
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What does the title mean ? "That Was the Molecular Biology That Was" An alternate title with similar meaning would be something like: "How molecular biology was researched and studied before now". There is a hint in your author's title that methods and perhaps topics in molecular biology have substantially changed now, and he is going to review what they used to do and how they did it. For instance, if the author was writing his article, say in 2010, then he would be describing the study of molecular biology of an earlier age - perhaps 20 years earlier, maybe more, maybe less - depends on context. But, the author is going to discuss these earlier researchers, what they studied and perhaps how they did it.
July 5, 2019
Thank you Michael.
July 5, 2019
The first "that was" is a standard past tense opening, with the "that" referring forward to the "molecular biology". The second "that was" could be replaced with "that used to exist in the past." The whole title is a reference to a very popular TV comedy of that era in the UK, called "That Was The Week That Was.". See https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/That_Was_the_Week_That_Was
July 5, 2019
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