I need English native speakers' check for my research Please correct these sentences I want to use phrases below each sentence (1) He is in a bad mood today → bad mood (2) You have a bright future ahead → bright future (3) You are required to be able to respond to dramatic change in the immediate environment → immediate environment (4) Let’s get a fresh start → fresh start (5) We faced a difficult task → difficult task (6) He touched the fine sand with his hands → fine sand (7) He often goes shopping with his close friends →close friend (8) This medicine is usually used for mild disease →mild disease (9) The general public have a positive feeling about the new policy of the government →positive feeling (10) Cold air blew in the room → cold air (11) Laziness is my weak point → weak point (12) It’s fine weather today → fine weather (13) With the internet, people can find an easy way to make money → easy way (14) I felt a sharp pain in my stomach → sharp pain (15) The government put up specific policies on key issues → key issue (16) I achieved the goal with every effort → every effort (17) This book is based on a true story. → true story (18) You should more eat a healthy diet. → healthy diet (19) You have to accept the hard fact of life → hard fact (20) Air pollution is a serious problem in this country → serious problem (21) The children crossed the busy street to go to school → busy street (22) The high cost of energy is a problem for consumers → high cost (23) There was a light rain yesterday → light rain (24) She approached me with a big smile on her face → big smile (25) She got a serious injury in the accident → serious injury (26) Some people love strong coffee → strong coffee (27) How could you buy the game at such a low price → low price (28) I have been studying English for a long time → long time (29) The doctor advised me to do regular exercise. → regular exercise (30) I have a rough idea where it is → rough idea (31) She achieved successful career in the industry → successful career (32) His poor eyesight prohibited him from becoming a pilot. → poor eyesight (33) Some people prefer quiet room → quiet room (34) He took another route to avoid heavy traffic → heavy traffic (35) The city has a large population → large population (36) There are many tall buildings in Tokyo. → tall buildings (37) He stretched and took a deep breath → deep breath (38) He had a casual attitude to me → casual attitude (39) I haven’t had a good sleep lately → good sleep
Jul 6, 2019 6:13 AM
Answers · 3
#9. has* #18. You should eat more of a... #30. I have a rough idea of where it is #31. She achieved a successful... #33. Some people prefer a quiet... #38. ... casual attitude towards me.
July 6, 2019
I would be happy if any English native make another sentence with these phrases
July 6, 2019
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