ravage and rape. are they same? He ravaged the girl that night He raped the girl that night. Are these two sentences same meaning? Can they be interchangeable? BTW, "He ravaged the girl that night" is a line in TV show. Through the context obviously "he" raped the girl. I thought "He ravaged the girl that night" seems "he raped the girl that night" .So I make this question.
Jul 6, 2019 11:53 AM
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What type of TV show was it? To me, "he ravaged her that night" is ambiguous, and depends on the context. If it is a newsreader reporting a violent crime, we can understand the meaning as "raping in a truly shocking and violent way" (and I agree with John, this is a strange thing to say. "Rape" is more factual.) However, "ravage" can be used for steamy, physical sexual encounter i.e. consenting. This would be my first assumption. See here: e.g. "I hadn't seen my boyfriend in 6 months. When we got home, we ravaged each other." So if it's a film about a couple , we can assume it was consenting, but a very physical evening! To give another example: "I'm going to ravage you"... ... by a stranger, holding a knife --> I would be very scared! ... by my boyfriend, holding a red rose --> I would be very excited!
July 6, 2019
ravage = cause severe and extensive damage to. rape =to force someone to have sex with you or to have sex with them against their will violently. gives a good explanation of when ravage and rape can be used interchangeably. as in when an invader or corporation ravages/plunders an environment community etc of its resources. From Rape is a word for sexual assault. This is one of the worst crimes there is. Rape can also mean to plunder or strip something of resources. There are few words more powerful than rape, which is a horrifying crime. To rape someone is to force them to have sex with you. This word isn't an obscenity, but its meaning is. There are also some metaphorical meanings, like if a country is said to rape the land of a resource, like oil. Some countries might rape their rain forests by cutting them down. However it's used, rape is a violent and ugly word.
July 6, 2019
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