Robbie Shelbourne
Mediterranean people and Olive Oil Calling all Fantastic and Beautiful people of the Mediterranean, I have read many articles about it common in Italy, Spain, France and Greece to drink Extra Virgin Olive Oil first thing in the morning. However, not one of these articles was written by, or contains and interview from, anyone from any of those countries. I am currently learning Spanish and Italian will be next, so understanding the culture and traits is as important as the language for me. I would be interested to hear any insight. Thanks all
Jul 7, 2019 6:44 PM
Answers · 2
Robert, the most common breakfast for Spanish people is a toast with oil extra-Virgen. with a few salts, and a good cup of coffee with milk. Robert el Desayuno más común en España, es una buena tostada con aceite Virgen extra, un poco de sal y un buen café con Leche. We have, a lot of kind of oil, soft, virgin, and Virgen extra, and it depends of a kind os Aceituno, the taste is very different. We usually cook with oil, never with butter( mantequilla). Best regards. Pn: And I recommended to taste all I oil, it's a sauce, for suck your fingers
July 13, 2019
That’s great question!
July 7, 2019
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