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"to close/shut" -- how are 关 and 闭 used differently? Hi, How are 关 and 闭 used differently, in the context of closing/shutting something? Thank you.
Jul 7, 2019 9:41 PM
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闭 has a nuance of "continuance. It got closed, and it will stay closed. For example, 1) 出去的时候请顺手关门。 Please shut the door on your way out. 2) 小明失恋后已经闭门不出三个月了。 Since XiaoMing got dumped, he has been locking himself at home since three months ago. these words containing 闭: 闭塞,封闭,闭合,闭锁 (the place of it cannot be replaced by 关)。
July 8, 2019
如果你想表达close sth./shut sth.,一般来说用“关”,不能用“闭”。比如:关窗、关灯、关店。 “闭”一般和其他的字一起组成词,而不单独使用。
July 8, 2019
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