can anyone help me? 1) What does "People in relationship" mean? 2) Can anyone paraphrase "In the corporate world, the best sources of business are your former colleagues." this sentence? 3) Can anyone paraphrase "a consistent character with a major thematic function" this sentence? Can anyone paraphrase "this close, fairly conventional English family" this sentence?
Jul 8, 2019 8:55 AM
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Did you mean "people in relationships"? A little background here would be helpful I had to look up "paraphrase" because I wasn't sure you were using it correctly :). "In the corporate world, the best sources of business are your former colleagues." When you leave your job, the best way to make money is by contacting or working with the people you used to work with "a consistent character with a major thematic function" Someone who remains consistent (the same) - but I don't understand "major thematic function". I think this came from the sentence before it, which isn't quoted here... so more context for this one please :) "this close, fairly conventional English family" The english family has close relationships to one another, and they are kind of conventional... but not entirely conventionsal. Conventional means traditional. Good questions.... but don't forget to give us some background information behind the sentences. We will often need more context to be able to help you better.
July 8, 2019
1) The phrase seems slightly wrong, could it be "people in relationships"? That usually means people who are dating, but it can also mean family relationships, or work relationships. 2) Paraphrased... "In the corporate world, the best places to look, if you want to find new business opportunities, is among your former coworkers". 3) Paraphrased... "a character which appears often (in a play, novel, television show), and who has an important function in the story". For example, if you had a drama on television about a husband and wife then BOTH those characters would be consistent because they appear consistently in every episode, and they would BOTH have a major function to the story, or theme. The "theme" of the story is similar to the subject of the story. A delivery man who appears in one episode and doesn't say anything would not be a consistent character, and would probably not have a "major thematic function" in a television drama. 4) Paraphrased... "here is a normal English family, they are close to each other and have good relationships". Conventional in this context means normal, and in accordance with what everyone agrees is proper. A husband and wife with children is a conventional family. A wife with three husbands and an adopted chimpanzee that they call son, is an unconventional family.
July 8, 2019
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