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What does this sentence mean? What does 라고 하는 것은 일단 놔두고, 여기까지 코러스가 많은 곡은, 별로 없어서. mean?
9 de jul de 2019 7:23
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라고 하는(what's called: -라고 하다reported speech for NOUN + -는adjective verb ending) 것(thing)은 일단(first, to begin with)놔두고(leave it alone, as it is), 여기(here)까지(up to) 코러스(chorus) 가 많은(many) 곡(song)은, 별로 없어서(because there are not many). It would be easier if I had a full sentence in context, but this is what I get at it from what you posted: If (or Even if) we leave, so called '---' alone to begin with, because there aren't that many (songs) that have a lot of chorus part up to here, ----
9 de Julio de 2019
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