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what does " it's pretty out there humour" ? The context is " someone recommended a film to me and he said 'it's pretty out there humour, but if you have never seen this film, you'd definitely check it out." So here "out there" means " very"? and the whole sentence means the film is very humorous?
Jul 9, 2019 3:11 PM
Answers · 3
"out there" does not mean very in this sense ... they are saying that the humor is something that is not normal humor that we are accustomed to, it's a different, new, strange kind of humor ... I think it comes from "out there" like something not of this world ...
July 9, 2019
Saying something is "out there" means it is different from what is expected. So saying "Its pretty out there humor" means it is a different type of humor than normal humor.
July 9, 2019
"Out there" basically means strange or unusual. In the example sentence you gave, they're saying that it's a good film that they think you will enjoy, but just prepare for it to be somewhat strange.
July 9, 2019
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