Mark Burke
Translation help for wedding speech Dear Italki community, I am getting married to an amazing Portuguese woman in three days. I’ve learnt a bit of Portuguese over the last few months. I want to nail my speech to her family. They speak continental Portuguese. Any translation help will be appreciated. Here is what I have: My new Portuguese family: Uncles, aunts, cousins, brother and sister. Thanks for the warm welcome I’ve already experienced, from firm handshakes and hugs, to visiting Grandpa X and Grandma Y in their village Z in Portugal. I can confidently say, your kindness goes to the roots. I could not think of more welcoming and warm people. My new Mom and Dad. You have raised children that could conquer the world, but decides to serve it instead. I often feel I am not worthy of Talia’s greatness, but I am excited about spending my life attempting to be. Thank you for all you have invested.
Jul 10, 2019 5:47 AM
Answers · 2
Hey, Mark. Don't forget: Translation is a job, so respect it! If you're willing to hire someone, I am here for you. Another good choice and a free one is to use Google Translate! Kudos
July 14, 2019
Hi Mark, try to translate it by yourself first, and then you can ask someone to help you to check your text. Tks!
July 10, 2019
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