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Alexis Espinoza
As Hispanic, to me, 1st one is more understandable than the second one. 1. He has good intentions. 2. He means well. Which one do I have to use it if the moment comes up?
2019년 7월 10일 오후 3:32
Answers · 4
They are interchangeable.
2019년 7월 10일
Both are fine. The first one would be used on a letter or report to someone about someone, it is slightly more formal. For daily use you an choose whichever you prefer.
2019년 7월 10일
They both have the same meaning really and can be used interchangeably.
2019년 7월 10일
Both are good and similar. 1 is slightly more formal. Depending on the context, the first might sound more natural as “His intentions are good.” Usually either phrase is used when someone has done something negative and you want to sound less critical. All the things that Pete is doing aren’t helping, but at least he means well.
2019년 7월 10일
Alexis Espinoza
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