Mehdi Polyglot
I need to get a degree in one of these 3 languages ! between German Spanish Russian ; which language is worth to get a degree in it ? which one has more influence in the world? which one is demanded ? I know most of you would say Spanish , I agree but don't you think that they are plenty of people who speak this language fluently , but it's not the same for Russian or German few people master these 2 languages !I'm willing to get a degree in one of these 3 languages , and may be work as an interpretor from one of them into Arabic , bearing in mind that I'm doing already anthother bachelor degree in Translation in "Arabic French English" and I want to add another language to increase my opportunities .. ! what would you recommend me to study at university ; considering that I can get C1 level from Goehthe institut in Algeria , and also C1 in Spanish from "Juan cervantès instituto" here ; or even testdaf in German or dele in Spanish but I can't get such certificate which proves my level in Russian here in Algeria , so I though may be Russian worth it , because it's hard , and I already have B2 in German and around B1 in Spanish and A2 in Russian !! so what's the best choice? I wanna be a translator which combination is stronger : Arabic-FrenchEnglish-German or Arabic-French-English-Spanish or Arabic-French-English-Russian ..I would work anywhere especially in the middle east or some asian countries , so what's the best choice ? I need a wise recommendation please !! and thanks a lot in advance for reading and trying to help ; I really appreciate that !
Jul 11, 2019 2:10 AM
Mehdi Polyglot
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