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Personal pronouns I think that possessive adjectives are adjectives only. Why in English they consider them a type of pronoun?What is the logic behind that? In this sentence ''It is his car'' ''his'' doesn't sound personal to me at all! Yet it is a personal pronoun!
11 jul 2019 07:35
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Michael's reference is excellent. The description is brief and correct.
11 juli 2019
Thanks Mary,but If I say ''that is Mary's car''...then that is not personal!(it belongs to you and not to me) I have also seen somewhere that there are 2 kinds of personal pronouns(subjective and objective)so possessive adjectives and possessive pronouns can't be personal pronouns.
11 juli 2019
It is called a personal pronoun because the car belongs to him. If this is my cup, it is personalized because it belongs to me and is not just a cup in general.
11 juli 2019
This explanation might help you, if you'd like to look through it :)
11 juli 2019
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