Italian films, shows and literature Hi, I would say that I am a beginner in italian. At this stage, I am trying to immerse myself into italian through watching italian series and films as well as listening to italian music (rap, pop, rock etc.) I have watched the film Malèna and La Riffa, starring Monica Bellucci, as well as some shows like Skam Italia and Baby on Netflix. I'm also currently reading Machiavelli's The Prince (but with both English and Modern Italian translations.) Does anybody have any good recommendations for films/shows, music or even literature? Any genre, I do not mind.
Jul 11, 2019 3:50 PM
Answers · 2
In the RAI's site you can also find some podcast very useful. For example: "Ad Alta Voce", reading of some books in italian. ( ) If are you interested of cinema i suggest you all the "commedia all'italiana", the most beautiful famous italian movies (imho) ( ) I take course of Italian Culture: if you want sometimes advices or tips about multimediatic stuff, ask me. Have a nice weekend! Rolando
July 12, 2019
Hi Catherine! If you want to learn spoken Italian, songs and films are both perfect. I can suggest you to use the online portal of our national TV service RAI ( I'm not sure if it's available from United Kingdom but it's full of Italian documentaries, films, tv series...
July 12, 2019
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