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Mirek Rekim
"Take my first steps down" Hi, what's the meaning of "take my first steps down" in the following text? "So when the phone rang and I was offered an opportunity to join the European Astronaut Corps, there was what can only be described as a wild mix of emotions - elation, excitement, shock and trepidation, due to an overwhelming realization that I was about to take my first steps down one of life's major forks in the road."
Jul 12, 2019 4:39 AM
Answers · 2
Es una manera para decir estás haciendo algo nuevo en tu vida. Cuando estás haciendo algo nuevo, es un nuevo camino, o una nueva dirección, algo así. Entonces, puedes decir estás tomando los primeros pasos (the first steps down) en tu nueva dirección de tu vida. It's a way to say this is the beginning of something new in your life. When you try something new, you can think of it as a new "path" or a new "direction" you are taking in your life. So, they're saying you're taking the "first steps down" this new path/road/direction in your life.
July 12, 2019
Mirek Rekim
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