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"الفرق بينَ "أناس" و"بشر" و"أشخاص ما الفرق بين الكلمات "أناس" و"بشر" و"أشخاص" (بكلا الفصحى والعامية) وكيف قد أعرف أي منها يجب عليّ أن أستخدم بوضعٍ معين ؟
2019年7月12日 21:20
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أُناس : جمع إنْسِيُّ لبَشَرُ : الإنسان ( الواحد والجمع والمذكر والمؤنث فيه سواء ) وقد يُثَنَّى ، ويُجمع على أبْشَار أشخاص جمع شخص = a person so the first one means humans beings , but it can be used as "persons" as well , not in the common vocabulary , you find that more in literrary style or in classical Arabic as Westrens like to call it ! the second one is also human but it's general it's the accurate tranbslation of human and it can't be used in place of the first and the third the forth one is more common to refer to persons ..the first is less common ! I hope that answers your question ! and Thanks again for this smart question !
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