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楽しかった旅行です。-is this grammatically wrong? So in my textbook for N5 students, it says “Make the end of a sentence past tense when you want to use nouns and adjectives to explain in detail what something in the past was like.” Also: X 楽しかった旅行です O 楽しい旅行でした Anybody can explain the difference in both sentence? Or do i just have to follow and get used to this rule?
13 de jul de 2019 9:33
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>Also: >X 楽しかった旅行です >O 楽しい旅行でした I agree with this. 楽しかった旅行です is NG and I personally never have heard or said it, but it is not because this line violates the grammar rule; (adjvective-past)(noun)("desu") is grammatically possible, e.g. "母と暮らした子供の頃、それが私のいちばん楽しかった思い出です“. 楽しかった旅行です is like "It is a trip which was happy" while 楽しい旅行でした is like "It was a happy trip". No doubt, the latter is natural and usual. You should use the usual one if without any special reason. This is the reason I think the latter is a better one. **** And it makes me wonder, Is it OK in Korean to say "楽しかった旅行です" like "즐거웠 던 여행입니다(?)" ?
14 de Julio de 2019
It is a tough question. I am willing to think about it.
13 de Julio de 2019
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