English Hi friends, I wonder if I can use "How can" to ask for a suggestion like this. How can you do this? How can you use this word in a sentence? How can you pronounce this word? I believe it works because "How can" and "how do" mean pretty much the same thing in English I guess.
Jul 13, 2019 10:39 AM
Answers · 3
In both your second and third sentences we use "do" not "can" As a general guide we say "do" = for knowing/experiencing/feeling etc and "do" = for an action, speaking = pronouncing, knowing,understanding, etc "How do you pronounce this word" "How do you know that/it/this" "How do you know he/she/they like you" = your understanding not feeling. "How can you do that/it to her/him/them" = you did or are doing something to them "how can you be so cruel to your parents" = he/she/they/them are being (doing the cruel things/acts) "How can you do that job" = how are you able to do that job. "how can you be like that" = someone is saying how are you able to be so, kind ,patient, cruel, wicked,evil, nasty, bad, or whatever adjective. Here is the grammar if you want it. CAN: = EXPRESSES ABILITY https://www.thefreedictionary.com/can (WITH USAGE NOTE) DO: = TO PERFORM EXECUTE OR CARRY OUT https://www.thefreedictionary.com/DO NOTE there can sometimes be an overlap with the knowing situation for both "can" or "do"
July 13, 2019
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