「微笑さへ浮かんでいる」のさへは? はじめまして! 「その上、口角には、微笑さへ浮かんでいる。」の「さへ」というのは、どういう意味ですか?「さえ」だけ知っています。 I understand what it's supposed to mean (something like "Also, there was a smile floating in the corner of her mouth"), but what is this さへ? I only know さえ, but have never seen さへ. ありがとうございます!
Jul 14, 2019 2:49 PM
Answers · 2
As you already know, さえ means "even." Spelling it "さへ" is simply wrong, at least in contemporary Japanese. (The word was spelled さへ in ancient Japanese, which was used between the 6th century and the end of the Nara period.)
July 14, 2019
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