Some alternative to this sentence? "We’ll never know for sure just how likely it was to have arrived at this moment as we are" __________ I have problems to understand it, particularly from "just.... Thanks in advance
Jul 14, 2019 3:40 PM
Answers · 2
"Just" (in this context) means almost the same thing as "exactly". "He stopped his car just at the edge of the cliff" is the same as "He stopped his car exactly at the edge of the cliff". You could rearrange your sentence and change that one word to get this... "We'll never know for sure...exactly how likely it was to have arrived as we this moment." (I added the three periods ... to help separate the thoughts in this sentence.) Or you could say this... "We'll never be certain about how likely it was for us to arrive as we are and at this moment." Or... "How did we arrive at this moment? Especially when you consider the way we are? How likely was it that things turned out the way they did? I think that we'll never know for certain."
July 14, 2019
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