Two questions please 1_what does mean 咱哥儿谁跟谁啊 in this sentence? I know the whole meaning but I just want to know the meaning of 咱哥儿谁跟谁啊 in the direct translation. 找他帮忙一定没问题,最好连谢也别说,不然哥们儿会说你见外:(咱哥儿谁跟谁啊) 2_what does mean 送 in this sentence? 让人买票已经是麻烦人家,怎么还好意思让人送? I wrote the paragraph of this sentence :但有时事情就是出在哥们儿那里。有一次到北京去出差,快到春节了,回家的小火车票难买,就去找一位哥们儿,话还没有说完,哥们就说:(没问题。明天什么时候给大哥您送去?)让人买票已经是麻烦人家,怎么还好意思让人送?
Jul 15, 2019 4:47 AM
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Hi Helena, here are my thoughts. 1. You and I -- who is related to whom? 你可能少写了一个“俩”,应该是“咱哥俩儿谁跟谁啊”。咱哥俩儿You and I,谁跟谁啊who is related to whom。"You"相当于“who”,"I"相当于"whom”. 这个反问句强调了关系非常亲密,非常铁,是铁哥们(This rhetorical question emphasizes how close you two are connected or related) 2. 送 means to deliver, to sent something. 在这句话里“送”表示那个哥们愿意把车票从他家运到“大哥”家里,赠给“大哥”。 Here in this sentence, 送 means that the man is willing to deliver the train ticket for his friend or has the train ticket sent to his friend. Hope it helps! :)
July 15, 2019
1 there is no need to be too polite to me ( a bit like you are welcome but the emotion is stronger in this sentence 2 carry something ( the ticket ) to someone ( the dude bought the ticket and was about to carry this ticket to "you", so "you" said " I can't bother you too much, you don't have to carry it to me" (which usually means "you" will go to his address and fetch it yourself
July 15, 2019
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