victimise Does "victimise the person with AIDS" in the following context mean "to behave people with AIDS unkindly" or "to show people with AIDS as the victims of unkind behavior"? Context: The contrast between this image and the usually more functionalist AIDS activist posters is, therefore, enormous and the Benetton advertisement brings far more visual and emotional complexity to the representation. The image of Kirby with his family also contrasts with common photojournalistic practices, which, as I’ve previously noted, tended at that time to isolate and victimise the person with AIDS. Yet what also made this image so stunning and so controversial was that it was ultimately an advertisement for fashion-wear.
Jul 15, 2019 5:18 AM
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"Common photojournalistic practices tended at that time to isolate and victimise the person with AIDS." In other words, when there were articles about AIDS patients back then, the photos usually depicted the patients as frightening, freakish, or in some other way worthy of being ostracized. Personally, I wouldn't have used the word victimise here, but I understand the concept. The journalists were not being kind, because they depicted AIDS patients like lepers or worse. To answer your question, the journalists were being unkind to people with AIDS.
July 15, 2019
This is another example of the, let's say special properties of the writing in your source book. Usually, "victimise" means to treat somebody very badly, to bully, to abuse. Here, the writer is using it in the rare but possible sense of portraying the person as a victim, iconising the person in a victim role. Ascribing emotional depth to the Benetton advert seems like a travesty, to a survivor of that era: wasn't the depth, if there was any, all in the photo, long before Benetton slapped branding on it to fliog knitwear ...? So, to answer directly, you could read this as showing AIDS sufferers as victims of unkind circumstances.
July 15, 2019
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