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Junaid Hussain
Learning Spanish Vocabulary Hi there guys, I have been learning Spanish for almost 9 months it’s been a very steady progression. Currently I am struggling to make a lot of sentences. Therefore I have realised I do not know enough vocabulary. I have tried making flash cards but it is very time consuming and in my opinion I feel like there could be more effective methods. I know music, tv and reading can improve vocabulary, but I am looking for a more studious method which is fun any ideas? Thanks for your time. (A2 Spanish Speaker)
Jul 15, 2019 7:28 PM
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July 16, 2019
hello friend you have to differentiate Spanish in its different times when speaking or saying something, Start with sentences or short words, try to make vocabularies or words that you do not understand. I'm going to leave some vocabulary for you to understand She: Ella Play :Jugar Las palabras que terminan en ando,iendo,endo son los que en ingles terminan en palabras ING Entiendo, Understanding Jugando, Playing Bailando, Dancing. Hay varios tiempos en oraciones Ejemplo Jugare futbol Jugare futbol en 15 dias Jugare futbol pasado mañana Jugare futbol mañana Hoy juego futbol Estoy jugando futbol Estuve jugando futbol Ayer jugue futbol Antes de ayer jugue futbol Bueno por ahi hay infinidad de tiempos que uno utiliza para realizar una oracion teniendo en cuenta el tiempo en que lo vaya a decir . Comiences por el vocabulario, por entender las frases . Cualquier inquietud me escribes Atte Wilson
July 16, 2019
Junaid Hussain
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