explain me please what 뭐랄까 means Hello! I don't understand meaning of '뭐랄까' : please give me some explanation and examples. Is it polite form? what is the initial form of this word? Thank you very much!
Jul 16, 2019 10:06 PM
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뭐랄까 is a contracted form of 뭐라고 할까 It literally means "How can I describe it?" 뭐랄까 means "sort of like; if you like; mind you" e.g. It was, if you like, the dawn of a new era. 예문 발음듣기 반복듣기 그건, 뭐랄까, 새로운 시대의 여명이었지요 We’re sort of doing it the wrong way. 예문 발음듣기 반복듣기 우리가 뭐랄까 그걸 잘못하고 있는 것이다. I’ve heard they’re getting divorced. Mind you, I’m not surprised—they were always arguing. 그들이 이혼을 한다고 들었어. 뭐랄까, 난 놀랍지가 않아. 그들은 늘 싸웠으니까. 뭐랄까요 is a polite form of 뭐랄까
July 17, 2019
The korean word means SOMETHING
July 16, 2019
It means ,,Somenthing''
July 16, 2019
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