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Could you please correct my sentences? I've started to watch "Degrassi" since I've gottten boring. I've logged in my profile on Netflix and I'd been searching for this serial about high school in Canada. To watch this I shoul have condone with that things that Canadian students call the freedom. It's opened (or free?) issues about having sex, gender and identity straight (or right?) in the school. In Russia, for instance, we hide these topics inside yourself not demonstrating it to teachers. The lovely part of the film is probably the cruel and harsh truth about real life. So here we can face with accidents, suicides and many other younger's things they have (or get?). It's definitely different I've ever seen in Russian youth (or younger?) films. So it was gladly experience to get it.
2019년 7월 17일 오전 9:35
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There are many errors and it would take a long time to correct the sentences. I would recommend taking a lesson with a teacher to correct them. I offer a free trial lesson at the moment so I could help you and it wouldn't cost you anything.
2019년 7월 17일
Oleg here
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