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Надо переводить слов английский-русский Привет. Помогите мне переводить эти слова на русском языке. 1. She encountered a host of, a lot of people. 2. Did she like eating, consuming lavash? 3. First, she was paid very little money. 4. She set up her own enterprise. 5. Bananas out of the world. 6. So that's all for the mini story. 7. So make sure you are listening to these lessons. 8. Have a strong posture. 9. The next thing that I want you to do is to breathe deeply. [Это как будет правильно в прошедшем времени? Then he was quit boxing или Then he quit boxing]
2019년 7월 17일 오후 3:26
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Я могу помочь
2019년 7월 17일
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