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will/ would / may I'm confused these things I know only few usage of would such as "if I was not confunsed , I wouldn't ask it" what about these below? I will go if possible I would go if possible I may go if possible they are all same?
19 de jul de 2019 1:37
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A beginning grammar book covers these topics. There exists a bilingual Korean-English version of the famous grammar book Basic Grammar in Use by Raymond Murphy. ISBN 978-0521269599.
19 de Julio de 2019
They’re not all the same, with “i will go if possible” you are stating that you will go if you have the green light. With “i would go if possible” you are saying that you can’t go but if there was a way you would. In “I may go if possible” you are saying that you need to wait to see if you can go without saying you can or cannot go yet. Anyway, hope that helped
19 de Julio de 2019
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