How to improve my English Hi,everyone...This is my first day to use italki app.. i wanna ask a can i improve my english , especially in writing , conversation and grammar...i have tried to take a english course, but the improvement is slo...I hope someone can help me. thanks!
Jul 19, 2019 12:05 PM
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Hi there! I hope you’re well. You’re doing well in English but If you wish to improve, I think you need to use the language as much as possible! Feel free to send me a message and look at my teacher profile on italki if you wish to practice your English. I recommend watching films, speaking with speakers of the language and if you want to read more, perhaps try and find a book that you love and know very well in your native language and then try and find a copy in English. This way, you can follow along better and you will enjoy the book more. The same goes for articles online! All the best, Lee :D
July 19, 2019
I know. the fastest method is you practice in daily life with your foreign friend with higher english level than you.. Its really effective because you forced to speak english while you and he dont understand the partner native language each other.. Gud luck.
July 19, 2019
Maybe music or watching videos of your interest. Try reading small articles of content you like, its what i do..
July 19, 2019
Hi Thomas. Try to make it fun for yourself. Having fun will make you remember words better. Start with what you are interested in ( sports news, etc). Listen to your favourite songs on Youtube and play them with subtitles. If you have difficulty memorising a particular word, try to find any connection to it that you can think of. No matter how silly or funny. Next time you will remember it. Don't worry too much out grammar. It will come to you naturally after a while. Best regards. Rüdiger
July 19, 2019
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