I would like to let you know what I know I am a South Korean. I was in the middle of South Korea's politics and media for the last 7 years. I strongly suspect South Korea' s NIS (It is alike with USA's CIA) caused the fire of the Notre Dame de Paris. They usually sink ships, cause a fire and kill celebrities as TV stars to cover their political difficulties or to make their opponent party get in trouble. I am sure that the Korean SewolHo ship which was sunk so many people who took the ship were dead and the Budapest ferry were sunk by them. They were not accidents. Sinking ships is their specialty. They were occurred by some people in South Korean politics.They don't care at all whether their citizen die or not for their political purpose. Currently, they have been working actively in Europe.Thesedays they make accidents in abroad. Recently the South Korean Devils are very close with USA Devils. So Someone in USA may be related to the fire of the Notre Dame de Paris.I am also doutful if South Korea ' s continuous success and winning in every sectors were accomplished honestly without someone's help who has some power in politics and media and only with their increased capability . You'd better not to ignore what Iam telling. There live devils in South Korea' politics. They are more cruel than any others.
Jul 19, 2019 5:01 PM