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Exists or existed Hello dear native speakers Consider the following condition : I read a newspaper yesterday and now I'm giving an account of what I read on different pages to my friend.Are these sentences OK ? I'm not sure about the tenses. On page 7, an unknown researcher tried (tries) to describe two powerful drugs in terms of how they attack (would attack) cancer cells. He concluded that there were (are) several points of similarity between the two cases. However, he added that some uncertainty still existed (exists) about the safety of these two new anti-cancer drugs. I'm uncertain about the tenses. For example : He added that some uncertainty still existsted.... Since the act of reading the newspaper was related to the past, then the verb "add" should be "added" . Right? How about "exist"? Thanks in advance
Jul 21, 2019 8:48 AM
Answers · 3
The default is to backshft all the verbs. For situations that are still true, there is a choice of not backshifting. More information:
July 21, 2019
Hi You mean all the verbs? I shouldn't use the past tense at all?
July 21, 2019
You can use the present tense as the as the author is writing about something that is true NOW. Think about the context of movie reviews. When you review a movie you say that the movie IS really good because it's a general truth.
July 21, 2019
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