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play it out Maggie: I feel that I need to play it out to fully acknowledge the significance of the relationship. (A teenage girl,Maggie, said this to one of her friends, Dorrit, after she broke up with her boyfriend and destroyed the bear-bear the boy had sent to her.  Yes, Maggie let her pain out by destroying the fluffy bear-bear toy. ) Hi, My doubt is about this phrase 'play something out'? Based on what I looked up, to play something out could mean to express feelings by pretending that a particular situation is really happening. So, did the girl say the sentence on a sarcastic note? To play it out means to pretend that she ripped her boyfriend up just like what she did to the bear-bear? I'm not sure. So, if you could help me paraphrase that sentence, it would be really helpful. Thank you guys, in advance.
Jul 21, 2019 9:06 AM
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I believe your example is using definition #2 in order to bring closure/completion to her relationship. play out [phrasal verb] 1 a : to happen or occur in usually a gradual way Let's wait and see how things play out. [=take place, develop] The consequences of the error will play out for several years to come. Their personal tragedy was being played out in public. b play out (something) or play (something) out : to make (something) happen She got to play out [=realize] her fantasy of being on TV. We watch professional athletes play out [=act out, live out] our dreams on the field. This scene plays itself out [=happens] daily in every large city in this country. 2 play out (something) or play (something) out : to finish (something) Her coach let her play out the rest of the season but said she wouldn't be allowed on the team next year. We'll stop the game after we play out this hand. playing out dangerous experiments That style of music had played itself out [=stopped being current or popular] and the record companies wanted something new.
July 21, 2019
What Maggie is saying is that she needs to go through all the events again in her head. Re-play the events to reflect on the situation. So she is not being sarcastic.
July 21, 2019
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