Doubt about ~나(요) [Asking Questions Grammar] Hello, well I'm studying this grammar about doing questions with ~나(요) and I have a problem. As far as I understood, it said that is usually used with 있다/없다 verbs. But there was some examples like this: ~그 소식을 들었나요? ~어제 병원에 입원했나요? The first one is 듣다 and the second one is a 하다 verb... and thats the thing is confusing me! I don't know if I am a little bit dumb today but I can't understand well why this was used like this. Can anyone help and explain me? I will be really thankful!!
Jul 24, 2019 2:46 AM
Answers · 2
~나요? is a end of a word which makes the sentence to interrogative sentence. You can use this with normal verbs not only 있다/없다. Furthermore 나요 is an expression of respect, if you want use it to your close friend you can use '~니'. I will give you some examples: 엄마 지금 밥 하나요? (하다 + 나요) 영수야 숙제 하니? (하다 + 니) 드라마 보나요? (보다 + 나요) 영화 보니? (보다 + 니) Past tense is: 엄마 밥 했나요? 영수야 숙제 했니? 드라마 봤나요? 영화 봤나요?
July 24, 2019
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