How to say 'he has starred in many action films' in Chinese? Thanks for any replies.
Jul 25, 2019 3:51 AM
Answers · 2
also can say Tā Zhú Yǎn Guò Hěn Duō Dòng Zuò Piàn 他 主 演 过 很 多 动 作 片 Tā Zhú Yǎn Guò Xǔ Duō Dòng Zuò Piàn 他 主 演 过 许 多 动 作 片
July 25, 2019
他主演过多部影片. Tā zhǔyǎnguò duō bù yǐngpiàn. You should download the app "Pleco" - it's awesome for Chinese phrases :) Oh woops. Didn't see the "Action" bit. That sentence is just for "He has starred in many films." 他主演过多部动作片. Tā zhǔyǎnguò duō bù dòngzuò piàn. Hopefully a native speaker will chime in and give you the definitive answer :) hope that helped a bit!
July 25, 2019
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