the difficulty that exists in relation to the work of art What do you think "the difficulty that exists in relation to the work of art" means in the following text? Does it mean "the difficulty of understanding artworks"? Context: Kristeva similarly identifies ‘a grave moment in the history of aesthetic consciousness and practice’, where the turn to the abject in art reflects a state of crisis and fragmentation in the culture. The crisis is in the difficulty that exists in relation to the work of art, as well as the problems caused by the general tenor of media discourse which, for Kristeva, is too banal to do justice to the pain of fragmentation. As does Foster, she recognises, although does not name, a reality ‘behind these objects, objects which work with the impossible, with the disgusting, the intolerable’.
Jul 25, 2019 7:07 AM
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I'm not entirely sure, but this is my best guess. So abjection is: ["best described as the process by which one separates one's sense of self from that which immediately threatens one's sense of life. Abjection prevents the absolute realization of existence, completing the course of biological, social, physical, and spiritual cycles. The best representation of this concept can be imagined as one's reaction to gazing at a human cadaver, or corpse, as a direct reminder of the inevitability of death. The abject is, as such, the process that separates from one's environment what "is not me." ] -Wikipedia So, it seems that people in society because of "crisis and fragmentation in the culture" are seeking (turning to) art that is more abject (following the style outlined above). However, there is a lack of this kind of art. The media discourse which has fragmented society and culture is too banal (not interesting enough) to create abject art out of it. It's quite confusing, and I feel like I may need to better understand the general idea of what she is talking about or referring to.
July 25, 2019
I think it implies that there is a difficulty when working with disgusting/abject reality of turning it into a piece of art. Difficulty in turning "the impossible, with the disgusting, the intolerable" into art.
July 25, 2019
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