A question about "에게 VS 에게서" 그 영화는 관객들에게 좋은 반응을 얻었다. Among this sentence,I thought "관객들에게 좋은 반응을 얻었다" means "get good response from audience". but "에게" actually means "to" instead of "from", "에게서"is the correct one that means "from". so could I say"그 영화는 관객들에게서 좋은 반응을 얻었다"? if not, why so? and please explain the reason to me why this sentence used "에게" instead of "에게서". thank you.
Jul 26, 2019 6:12 AM
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1.에게 In naver dictionary, the third meaning of 에게 is 3. 어떤 행동을 일으키는 대상임을 나타내는 격 조사. ex) 남에게 놀림을 받다 - being teased by someone means, 에게 also refers to an object that causes any action. In the example sentence, somebody made fun of me, and that somebody caused this action. In your sentence, the audience gave good response and they made this action. one more ex) to be taught by an Englishman(영국사람에게 배우다) 2. 에게서 에게서 in naver dictionary, 1.어떤 행동의 출발점이나 비롯되는 대상임을 나타내는 격 조사. means, it refers to an object that is the starting point of an action or caused the starting point. ex)아버지에게서 온 편지이다. The letter from the father. ----------------------------------- I know it is very confusing. But in my opinion, I wouldn't say that 그 영화는 관객들에게서 좋은 반응을 얻었다 is wrong. that sounds for me also good. :)
July 26, 2019
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