Can the phrase "got mad" be used in a humorous way in this context? Hi guys, I have a sentence "So I got mad and I found the solution myself". The context is: there is an ongoing issue and there are no solutions. At a point I am like, what the heck, let's do something about this problem! And I think hard and come up with a solution. In the original sentence, the phrase "I got mad and found a way myself" has a humorous tone of voice. It doesn't mean "I got angry" for real. I am worried that if I say "I GOT MAD and found a solution myself", it won't have this humorous tone, will it? If it really sounds like "I got angry", what are the alternatives? My ideas are: "I got fed up with it and found a solution myself" "I couldn't stand it anymore and found a solution myself" but none of them sounds in a humorous way... Thanks a lot in advance, I am counting on your help! :)
Jul 26, 2019 8:59 PM
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Why would getting mad lead to a solution? Why would you feel mad? What is the humor in your statement? If you feel that others were letting you down, you could say “Instead of getting mad, I found a solution” “Instead of getting mad, I solved the problem on my own.” The problem annoyed me so I did something about it.
July 27, 2019
Amanda and Jim - thank you guys for your explanations! Now I am not worried that much about this phrase. Good to know the humour can be understood by this phrase in the right context :)
July 30, 2019
I agree with Jim - it really depends on the rest of the context or story. The words "I got mad" don't necessarily imply like a deep anger to me since it is such a common way of saying that emotion. In American English, we commonly say "pissed off" instead of angry, but only in informal situations (don't say pissed off to your teachers, haha). Just so you know, "pissed" means "drunk" in British English. So, you could say, "I got pissed off and found a way myself." But I think that your original sentence is good - it just depends on the rest of the context :)
July 26, 2019
So I went for it and found the solution myself OR I took chance and found my own solution OR I took a (crack,swing) at it myself and found a solution. If you just mention "I got mad" people won't think too much about it. It could still be humorous. It depends on the other sentences around it.
July 26, 2019
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