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Nabeel Alwaseem
What does this sentence mean? Would you please explain this sentence : (we cannot affect ignorance about this matter) Thanks in advance.
27 jul 2019 00:49
Answers · 2
There are two ways to read this sentence Affect meaning “To change” —> “We cannot change the ignorance (in general, of society, ...) about this matter” Affect meaning “To pretend to have a feeling” ___> “We cannot pretend to be ignorant about this matter” You will have to look at the surrounding context to determine this, but the second meaning of affect is relatively uncommon and almost never used in informal settings.
27 juli 2019
It means we can't change or make a difference to people's ignorance or stupidity on this matter/topic/belief.
27 juli 2019
Nabeel Alwaseem
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