Questions about what is the usual conversation when buying a pair of glasses? Could you give me some conversation that we were going to have with clerk in glasses store when going to buy one for ourselves?
Jul 27, 2019 3:52 AM
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Buy a pair, not one. The clerk? Sales assistant? Not the optometrist? I guess you discuss frames with the sales people. Do you have any ones that aren't so ugly? I like traditional ones with wide frames. Will the optometrist be long? My appointment was for half an hour ago. Can I make an appointment for tomorrow? They cost how much? OMG Can I pay them off in installments? Do you have them in green? That orange is not really me. Do these look good on me? Do these make me look as if I should be paid twice as much? Are these too geeky? Oh, I see, these are women's frames? How do you tell the difference? When will they be ready? Ok, I'll come back to collect them then. What time do you get off?
July 27, 2019
* -- Things the clerk might say >> -- Typical answers *Hello, are you here for an eye exam? >>No, I would like to buy some new glasses. *May I see your prescription? / Do you have your prescription? *Because your prescription is very high/strong, I would recommend high-index acrylic lenses (these are more expensive, but lighter than glass.) >>That sounds good. >> No thank you, I'd prefer the glass lenses. *Would you like anti-reflective coating? / Shall we go ahead and do the anti-reflection? *Would you like anti-scratch / protective coating? (Both of these cost more.) * What kind of frames are you looking for? >> I prefer__________ (wire frames, semi frames, blue, black...) (In general, we don't ask clerks for style advice such as "Do you have frames to make my face look smaller?" or "Do you have some to make me look more handsome?" because it puts pressure on the clerk. You CAN say "Which frames would you suggest?" or "Which frames are the most popular?") >> Is it OK if I browse the frames on my own? >> Do you have a pair that look similar to my current frames? * You can pick up your frames in two weeks. *We'll give you a call when your glasses are ready for pick up. I have never had assistants ask about diopter.
July 27, 2019
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