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An English grammar ----- Since graduation from high school, Joe had to find jobs to sustain himself. (A)Having self-supported (B) Self-supported (C)Self-supporting (D) Being self-supported Could anyone tell me which is correct and why? I know I must be wrong because what I thought was 'Having been self-supported', but there isn't this answer. I don't know why I am wrong. By the way, the correct answer is (C)
2019年7月27日 07:19
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Native English speaker from the USA. Self-supporting since high school... This is an introduction (sorry I don’t know the grammar term for it) to the remainder of the sentence. Supporting himself (means self-supporting) since high school, Joe had to find jobs to sustain him.
"Being self-supported" works, your choice is also correct it's just not in the options. It happens in tests- there might be a better option but the one who wrote the test didn't think about that.
Girls at the piano
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