How to translate "you need to have this down cold"? Recently, i have read some expression in one book: "you need to have this down cold". I have translated this like "you need to learn it by heart". But i am not sure that my translation is true. Google translates it wrong anyway, i have read it by context. This is not the case of "buziness english", but I am amused.
Jul 29, 2019 9:34 AM
Answers · 2
Hi Ostap, "You need to learn it by heart" is a good translation, but here is another one that you can use: "you need to have this down pat". It means the same thing (memorize or remember something, know something really well). Let me know if you have any questions! Savannah
July 29, 2019
"Have this down cold" is a good translation. I think slightly better is "know this very well". This difference is this: "know this well" is the result of the activity "learn it by heart". For example, you can say, "You need to have this down cold, so learn it by heart."
July 29, 2019
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